Discounted Worker's Compensation Premiums


Save up to 80% on WC Premiums


The Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation allows employers to join together under a sponsoring organization in order to be evaluated as one large employer for the purpose of workers' compensation premium calculation.



It cost NOTHING to fill out the Temporary Authorization to review your information to see if you qualify and to see just how much they can SAVE you. After that you can join the group.

While you do have to qualify, they don't accept employers with a lot of claims and employers must be up-to-date on premium payments in order to qualify for a group rating program .


Employers with excellent claims experience and safety records can qualify for up to 80%-90% discounts. Employers with average to better-than-average safety records can expect savings in the range of 30% to 65%.


There are many different sponsoring groups to choose from. The sponsoring group that I am most familiar with is the NFIB (National Federal Independent Businesses) The cost to join the sponsor runs in the $150-$250 range and this fee is negotiable. The fee for joining the WC discount group... depends on several employer criteria and this fee is not negotiable. Our fee was $86.00.



You might wonder why there are 2 fees and 2 groups... you have to belong to the NFIB sponsoring group to get into the WC group that THEY use.



Here is the link for the NFIB Workers compensation page :